Leon Kemp, trading as Kemp Attorneys, operates from 8 Reynolds View in Beacon Bay. Leon concentrates on property transfers and is ready, willing and qualified to assist buyers and sellers in ensuring that the most valuable possession of their lives changes hands as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. Leon attends to every transfer himself, from opening the file, to making the final payments and reconciling the accounts, and handles every query himself. You can rest assured that your matter will enjoy his personal attention from the beginning to the end.


Leon has practiced law in East London for over 30 years, has acted as a judge of the high court for over a year, as a magistrate for four years, and as a small claims court commissioner in both Mdantsane and East London, for over twenty years, and has been exposed to many of the infinite permutations of fact conflicting with the law, over the years. He is experienced enough to advise you on which course to take when problems are encountered, in a manner designed to maximize your gain and minimize any potential risk of loss.


A committed sportsman with a number of standard marathons under his belt as well as various swimming achievements, Leon has also completed a number of ultra marathons and seconded many Washie 100 milers over a period of 30 years. Leon ventured into the world of triathlon recently and completed his first 70.3 in East London in January 2019, and his first Cape Town Cycle Tour in March 2019.

Sportsmen know that business and sport share many similarities. Besides being fit for the job at hand, in business, as in sport, you  need someone who is prepared to go that extra mile in order to ensure a successful outcome.